Friday, January 14, 2011

On a Local Mission - Week 1 Texas Rio Star Grapefruit

Last Friday marked the first day of my journey for the New Year to go on a local mission and find out more about what I am eating and where exactly my food comes from. I have decided to start with restaurants because I am a foodie on the search for the unexpected and between San Marcos and Austin there is a restaurant on just about every street corner within walking distances to each other.

To kick-off this local search I went to the Driskill Grill and Bar where they were showcasing Savor the Flavors of Texas Rio Star Grapefruit. The Driskill set up a special menu featuring grapefruit from the Edinburg Citrus Association which is otherwise known as Tropic Moon, established in 1932. I sipped on a delicious grapefruit concoction called the Driskill Bride and sampled "small bites" using Texas Rio Star Grapefruit on top of sushi, mussels, pork and cerviche. My favorite out of all them was the mussels. If I were not sitting at such a fine dining establishment I would have picked up the shells and drizzled the delicious grapefruit sauce in my mouth.

It was impressive to see the variety of ways Executive Chef Jonathan Gelman and his staff prepared these delicious Texas treats. Texas grapefruits are currently in season and ripe for the picking. This experience has encouraged me to go out and get creative with some of my own home cooked meals using Texas grown citrus.

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