Friday, January 14, 2011

On a Local Mission - Prep for the Journey

Over the years I have had the opportunity to talk to and get to know Marla Camp, who is known by many as the Editor of Edible Austin. If you know Marla, have heard her speak or even chatted with her briefly she lives and breathes supporting local and sustainable agriculture. Being around Marla has inspired me to take a new step in my life this year and find out more about where my food comes from. As Marla would say, "know your food."

So here I am, about to adventure into the unknown. Will I find what I am looking for? Not sure, all I know is there is much ground to cover and Central Texas is going to be my start. Through this journey I plan to visit restaurants, farmers markets, food manufacturers and stores with the a criteria of what is being featured that is local, what producer does it come from and did the creator of this item give it justice.

Stay tuned next week as I begin my On a Local Mission journey.

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